Project GCP/SYR/006/ITA



Syrian Agriculture at the Crossroads


Syrian Agriculture at the Crossroads constitutes one of the main outcomes of the long term collaboration among FAO, the Syrian Arab Republic and the Italian Government.

The book, published by FAO, summarizes a set of studies conducted by a panel of high level international and national experts within the first phase of the FAO Project GCP/SYR/006/ITA funded by the Italian Government with the objective of establishing the National Agricultural Policy Center (NAPC).

Syrian agricultural policies are reviewed throughout the book, which analyzes the conditions that have permitted substantial achievements in terms of food security and inter sectoral equity, and underlines the challenges the country is now facing in consideration of its fast growing population. Moreover, it addresses the new policy needed to adapt to a progressively liberalized economy, as exemplified by the decision of the Syrian Arab Republic to request admission to the World Trade Organization, while preserving the positive social features inherited from the sector’s history.

Download Syrian Agriculture at the Crossroads (PDF):

Introduction 662KB

Part I (Agriculture in the Syrian Economy) 1047KB

Part II (Economics of main Sub-Sectors in Syrian Agriculture) 1064KB

Part III (Factors and Inputs for Agricultural Production) 1339KB

Entire book 2837KB




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