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International Workshop on "The Contribution of Agriculture to the Process of Economic Reforms in Syria"

Under the patronage of H.E. Dr Adel Safar, the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, and in cooperation with The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the National Agricultural Policy Center (NAPC) held an international workshop about "The Contribution of Agriculture to the process of Economic Reforms in Syria" at the NAPC premises in Damascus, on 1-2 May, at 9:00 a.m


Syrian economic development policies, in general, and Syrian agricultural and rural development policies, in particular, are on the brink of the need for major strategic reforms. The focus of Syrian economic policy over the need to diversify and encourage investment calls for structural fiscal reforms, which shall be sustained by a steady economic growth. In the face of expected falls in Syrian oil output that will reduce export volumes and government spending, it is from the development of other sectors, namely the services and the agricultural sectors, that the contribution to a steady economic growth ought to come.

This workshop has taken an in depth look at the strategies that the agricultural sector shall pursue to positively contribute to Syrian economic growth in the years soon to come.

download workshop presentations :


1st day: Syrian Economy and its Reform Agenda the Relevance of Agriculture

Orientations of the 10th Five-year Plan (2006-2010) and the Strategic Role of Agriculture (A. El-Hindi, NAPC) (PPS 570KB)

Social Sustainability of Reformed Syrian Agriculture: the Risk Dimension (C. Cafiero, University of Naples - Federico II, Italy) (PPS 600KB)


Burning Issues on Agricultural and Rural Development
The State of Food and Agriculture in Syria (S. Grad, NAPC) (PPS 280KB)

The Impact of Syrian Trade Policies on Agricultural Trade Performance (B. Hamwi, NAPC) (PPS 2.8MB)

Organic Agriculture in Syria: Option or Necessity? (F. M. Santucci, University of Perugia, Italy)   (PPS 2.6 MB)

Quality Improvement of Value Chain Products - a Multi-sectoral Approach;
the Experience of IAM Bari on Olive Oil Production in Syria (A. Dragotta, IAM Bari) (PPS 8.0 MB)

Agriculture and Economic Reforms in Syria: Impacts on Poverty and Inequality (B. Rocchi and D. Romano, University of Florence, Italy) (PPS 700KB)


2nd day: Management of Sustainable Agriculture Development in Syria

Syrian Agriculture and Emerging Global/Regional Concerns
Sustainability of the Exploitation of the Water Resources of Syria and its Implications for the Future Development of the Irrigated Agriculture (J. A. Sagardoy, FAO Consultant)  (PPS 750kB)

Approach and Policies against Drought: the Experience of the IAM Bari in Syria (L. Cavestro, IAM Bari) (PPS 2.6MB)

WTO and the Challenges/Opportunities for Syrian Agriculture (N. El-Amin, FAO RNE)  (PPS 600kB)

Agriculture and Euro-Med Association - an Assessment of Preference Margins: Lessons for Syria (J.M. Alvarez Coque, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain)

(PPS 550KB)

Food Security and high International Market Prices Issues of Concern for Syria (N. El-Amin, FAO RNE (PPS 100KB), and A. El-Hindi, NAPC (PPS 100KB))


FAO Approaches and Initiatives in Support to Member Countries, V. Cistulli, FAO TCAS. (PPS 137KB)







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