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Training Workshop on “Food Security Policies in the Arab Countries under the World Food Crisis”


Under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, the National Agricultural Policy Center (NAPC) in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) organized a training workshop on “Food Security Policies in the Arab Countries under the World Food Crisis” on 3 - 7 August 2008, at the NAPC premises in Damascus.
Dr. Nabi Rashid Mohammed, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Dr. Abbas Abou-owf, Technical Advisor of the AOAD, and the NAPC Director Mr. Ateih El Hindi opened the workshop.
Representatives of 16 countries of the Arab Region attended the workshop. The participants were Senior/Middle level officers at Ministries of Agriculture responsible for agricultural policy and agricultural economics & planning.
It is clear that the impact of global soaring food prices in the Arab world, especially low-income and food-importing countries, is of serious concern. Therefore, exploring the situation of food security is needed presently to ensure food availability and accessibility, and then to advice governments on policy measures in response to the crisis.
With this perspective, the workshop focused on the main features & recent trends of international food prices tracing the causes of this crisis; and it looked at the strategies that governments shall pursue to contribute positively in attaining a sustainable food security in the Arab world for the forthcoming years.

download list of participants (PDF 137kb)


download workshop presentations :

• Indicators of the Arab Food Security Status (Raed Hattar, AOAD) (PPS 1.5MB)

• Impacts of World Food Crisis on Arab Food Security (Jamal Siam, Cairo University/Egypt) (PPS 80KB)

• Food Chain and the Related Policies (Jamal Siam, Cairo University/Egypt)
(PPS 180KB)

• Food Availability & Accessibility Impacting Factors (Wahid Mojahed, Ein Shams University/Egypt) (PPS 120KB)

• International Efforts Placed to Solve the Food Crisis (Atieh El-Hindi /NAPC)
(PPS 100KB)

• Sustainable Arab Agricultural Development for the Next Two Decades (Abase Abu-Owf, AOAD) (PPS 600KB)

• Impacts of the Utilization of Agricultural Crops in Biofuels Production on the Arab
& World Food Security (Raid Hater, AOAD) (PPS 900KB)

• Training on Analyzing Food Security Indicators (Haitham Al-Ashkar, Samir Grad, /NAPC) (PPS 90KB)

• Training on Applying the supply & Demand Analysis (Haitham Al-Ashkar, Samir Grad, /NAPC) (PPS 250KB)

• Training on Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM) (Basima Atiya, Haitham Al-Ashkar /NAPC)(PPS 400KB)





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