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Rural Development Division


RDD focuses on rural people’s livelihood and the relation between the rural sector and other sectors of the economy. The activities carried out by RDD mainly concentrate on: the analysis of the conditions (i.e., factors and mechanisms) that frame rural people’s livelihood, the analysis of policy impact on rural livelihood, and the proposal of policy interventions aiming at improvement livelihood and/or mitigating the adverse impacts of other policies. Moreover, this division is institutionally committed to play a crucial role in defining, monitoring and revising the Syrian agricultural strategy.



Team and Topics

Mrs. Waffica Alkhateeb, (division chief)

Ms. Nidaa Ahmad,(chief deputy) Head of section Policies of Economic Development and Infrastructure

Ms. Lamis Alkaseer, section of Policies of Economic Development and Infrastructure

Mrs. Rihab Zaour: Head of section  Social and rural development policies

Mr. Gheath Alaiouby: Section of Social and rural development policies


The above topic-researcher allocations are meant as a preliminary field of specialization. However, all topics are linked to each other and, therefore, are considered as closed areas but as starting points for looking at rural development. Moreover, it is expected that the topic-researcher allocation will enforce complementarities for undertaking joint research efforts.


Activities and Publications

Policy Briefs:

Non-agricultural Activities in Selected Rural Areas of Syria, Raid Hamza, May 2007


Infrastructure Development and Future Horizons in Syria, Firas Yassin, February 2007


Development of Infrastructure in Syria during the Past 25 Years and it's Prospects - Current Situation and Investments
Firas Hyder, February 2007


NO 10: Women’s Role in Agriculture and Gender Issues in Syria Samira Soubh NAPC Researcher March, 2006


No 11:  The State Of Food Security: Recent Trends in Syria Samira Al Zoughbi,  March 2006


No 12: Sustainable Water Use in Syrian Agriculture Firas Yassin, April 2006


No 13: The Main Challenges to the Field-Crop Farming Area (FS3) Raid Hamza, March 2006


No 14: Mid-Term Review Of The Syrian Agricultural Strategy Prepared by Rural Development Division, March 2006






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