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The division produces:

Periodical report: sofas 2007 download

Working papers: click to visit working papers page

Agricultural Commodity Outlooks

Syrian Potato, Nouman Alammouri, September 2008

(PDF 185kb)

Syrian Citrus, Fayez Mansour, Nov 2007

(PDF 290kb)

Barley, Samir Grad, and Mouzad Karkout, Jan 2007

(PDF 172kb)

Tomato, Fayez Mansour, Jan 2007

(PDF 191Kb)

Poultry, Mouzad Karkout, Jan 2007

(PDF 270kb)

Sheep Meat, Samir Grad, July 2006

(PDF 210kb)

Commodity Bulletin:

Sheep Meat, Samir Grad, May 2006

(PDF 385kb)

Policy Briefs:

Food Security Models, Samir Jrad, Bashar Nahas, Hajar Baghasa, August 2010

(PDF 360kb)

The Recent Evolution of the Syrian Agro-Food Industry, Mozad Karkout, February 2006

(PDF 100kb)

The Development of an Economic Model for the Study of Syrian Agricultural Production, Ahmad Sadiddin, January 2006

(PDF 122kb)

The Need for Coordination among Concerned Stakeholders regarding Commodity Chains and Index Numbers, Samir Grad, October 2005.

(PDF 183kb)

Policy Notes

Special Studies


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