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Links to further advice on how to improve your written English


Here is a comprehensive guide to using punctuation provided by the University of Sussex

Punctuation Guide

Punctuation Exercises provided by the University of Southampton


This guide for Academic Writing for university students contains some good advice on spelling, as well some useful spelling exercises.

Spelling advice and exercises


The Internet Grammar of English designed by University College London provides a glossary of grammatical terms as well as explaining all the main rules of grammar clearly.

A guide to grammar

General all-round useful resources

These two resources aim to help you improve all aspects of your writing style.

Online Writing Lab

Use of English - University of Surrey

When checking your paper for punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes remember you can do a spelling and grammar check with Microsoft Word. Although Word cannot tell you the right answer, it will point out problematic areas and make suggestions for improvement. It is up to you to take note of these areas and make the correct changes.