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Where do I Begin?

It is essential to understand what you are being asked to do before embarking on the preparation for a written assignment. Your first task is to precisely understand the topic that is being addressed - understand the title of the study, and establish exactly what the aim of the study is. Often it will help to give yourself a title. Starting from the subject to be addressed as indicated in the Divisional Work Plan.


General Topic: Implications of Great Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA)

Specific Areas to Address: intra-Arab trade, agriculture, subsidies, openness of trade, before and after GAFTA, implications for Syria, impact on trading patterns. potential benefits, potential negatives. (This step is best achieved by means of a brainstorming activity, which you can do with any of your colleagues)

Title: "The GAFTA and Syrian Agricultural Trade; the Benefits, Pitfalls and Policy Implications.

From this starting point you will find it much easier to begin with the process of writing your paper. You have given yourself a clear framework with which to work in. You know the key topics, but you have also identified those which make up the title topics. This is going to help you enormously with the planning of your research. Of course if you change your mind about these topics at any point while writing the assignment you can always change the title.